Connecticut Men’s

The City of New Haven affords Adult & Teen Challenge Connecticut a full inner-city immersion consistent with its roots in evangelism and discipleship. A post-modern city, New Haven is the perfect mission field for the confrontation of hope within the dynamics of the biblical gospel. With the center directly on the outskirts of Yale University, Adult & Teen Challenge Connecticut is a hub for fruitful ministry.

Serving the entire state of Connecticut since 1997, the center consists of 4 buildings on the corner of a street block. Juxtaposed against the grit and grime of the city sits a literal “lamp that cannot be hidden,“ that confronts its residents with hope, to walk in freedom and live with purpose. With a distinct care for each individual resident, Adult & Teen Challenge Connecticut, a 15 month discipleship training program, provides a safe environment for personal growth with practical real-world application within the marketplace. Those with various life controlling issues find hope and freedom in Christ.

If you or anyone you know is looking for a way to end addiction in their lives, please contact us.

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