Steven Santos
Assistant Director, Adult & Teen Challenge Greater Boston

After years of drug abuse, Steven had found himself in prison. He met someone who introduced him to Jesus Christ and he never looked back. Upon release from Plymouth House of Corrections in May of 2017 he entered the doors of Adult & Teen Challenge Greater Boston.

Steven remained after his graduation to become a staff member at the very program that saved his life. As the Program Development Supervisor at Adult & Teen Challenge Greater Boston, he gets to help build the ministry that gave him purpose. His Goal is to be able to help those people that are in the situation he was in find freedom in Jesus Christ. He works to increase his knowledge of God and help provide a environment for change.

Steven’s life is now is one of service. He desires to be a part of Adult & Teen Challenge for many years to come. He has 6 children and now lives to give them a better life led by Christ.

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