Hagop Kozelian
Resident Life Supervisor

Hagop “Huggie” Kozelian grew up excelling at sports, soccer being one of them. He had dreams and aspirations of becoming a professional soccer player. He was fortunate enough to travel the world and compete and do what I was good at which was sports.

By his late twenties, Huggie was introduced to painkillers—and they brought him to his knees. He became severely addicted to the lifestyle and, as a result, lost his chance of becoming a professional athlete. Feeling he had nothing left he turned to heroin. The heroin led to nine overdoses and a close call with death which was a serious car accident.

In that moment Huggie knew he had to do something about his life.   He cried out to God for help. “I told him I am done—I don’t wanna live like this anymore.”

One day later a friend told Huggie about Adult & Teen Challenge. He walked into the doors of Adult & Teen Challenge Greater Boston in August 2016 severely broken, with no hope, and with no faith. But once through that door he met the love of Christ. He completed his program and is now a staff member for the very program that helped save his life.

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